Chemotherapy of multiple myeloma

Mikala Gábor, Ceglédi Andrea, Csacsovszki Ottó, Szemlaky Zsuzsanna, Pető Mónika
Egyesített Szent István és Szent László Kórház-Rendelőintézet, Hematológiai és Őssejt-transzplantációs Osztály, Lymphoma és Myeloma Terápiás Részleg

Multiple myeloma is a multifaceted haematological disease, a plasma cell malignancy that may pose an oncological differential diagnostic challenge. The importance of this disease is emphasized by its incidence. Since there are multiple novel therapies available for myeloma patients, decade-long survival in not uncommon; therefore, myeloma patients provide a signifi cant part of the patients referred to hematological clinics. In this review, fi rst the novel diagnostic criteria are introduced, followed by the standard therapeutic approaches for transplant-eligible and ineligible patients. As the disease nearly always relapses, the later line therapies available in this malignancy are presented with a special emphasis on the Hungarian haematological practice.

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