Novelties in the management of Hodgkin lymphoma

Illés Árpád (1), Molnár Zsuzsa (2), Miltényi Zsófia (1)
(1) Debreceni Egyetem Általános Orvostudományi Kar, Belgyógyászati Intézet, Hematológiai Tanszék
(2) Országos Onkológiai Intézet, Kemoterápia A osztály, Budapest

Hodgkin lymphoma is a lymphoproliferativ disease, it is about 12–18% of all lymphomas. It has typical morphologic, clinical and therapeutic features, which can distinguish from other lymphoma types. Due to risk- and PET/CT adapted treatment Hodgkin lymphoma is a curable lymphoma with an 80–90% long-term survival, however, refracter- and relapsed patients’ therapy is a great challange. Cure rate can increase due to the development of the diagnostic and treatment modalities, but the use of standard recommendation is necessary. The aim of this review is to show new WHO 2016 lymphoma classifi cation, role of the new diagnostic options, especially 18FDG-PET/CT, Lugano classifi cation and fi rst-line and salvage therapeutic possibilities and to introduce the immunotherapy, like brentuximab vedotin and PD1 inhibitors. Certain points of hemopoietic stem cell transplantation will be also covered.

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