Rehabilitation of cancer patients

Dank Magdolna, Péntek Irén, Juhász Ágnes, Hajdú Anett
Semmelweis Egyetem, Belgyógyászati és Onkológiai Klinika, Budapest

In our country, the number of neoplastic diseases is constantly increasing. Based on the KSH data 376,709 people had neoplastic diseases in 2017. The disease is a long-term, chronic process, and the physical burden caused by treatments makes it difficult to maintain the physical and mental balance of patients. The quality of life of the neoplastic diseases patient changes, his ability to work will be reduced, his role in the family will be changed, his physical and emotional strength. These problems can be remedied by rehabilitation interventions, but oncology rehabilitation in many places in Hungary is unfortunately not part of the standard of care. In fact, oncology rehabilitation differs from the rehabilitation plan for other diseases. The oncology rehabilitation plan should be treated more flexible and more differentiated, changes due to disease and treatment should always be considered. As a result, the demand for evidence-based rehabilitation interventions is growing therefore, our aim is to apply international literature overview of rehabilitation options for neoplastic diseases patients, including metastatic patients which can be used to reduce pain as a side effect of treatments, musculoskeletal and nutritional problems this will allow for a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients.

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