Traditional and modern drug therapy options in the treatment of malignant primary bone tumors

Szabó Ádám, Ecker Nóra, Pápai Zsuzsanna
Észak-pesti Centrumkórház–Honvédkórház, Onkológiai Osztály, Budapest

Primary malignant bone tumors are rare entities, accounting for only 0.2% of all malignant diseases. No breakthrough results have been achieved in their treatments in the last 25 years. Due to their low incidence, clinical trials are difficult to plan and implement, thus the evidence levels of most of the recommendations are low. Combined chemotherapy is still the basis of the treatment of primary bone cancers, but in recent years, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, biological therapies and immunotherapy combinations have also appeared among the therapeutic options. In this article, the drug treatment options for the most common primary bone tumors are reviewed based on international guidelines.

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