Treatment of esophageal and stomach cancer

Sipőcz István
Győr-Moson-Sopron Vármegyei Petz Aladár Egyetemi Oktató Kórház, Onkoradiológiai Osztály, Győr

– In the last few years there have been revolutionary changes in the treatment of both esophageal and gastric tumors. Significant progress has been made in the adjuvant and the perioperative treatment, and in metastatic cases, survival, which previously did not reach a year has been considerably improved. In the summary, I focus primarily on oncological treatment, but at first review the epidemiological data, cover the surgical treatment and the pathological background, and also present the possibilities of radiotherapy. GEJ (gastro-esophageal junction) tumors, which previously arose as a separate entity, are mainly discussed in gastric cancer due to the histological and largely treatment similarity. Since the greatest progress has been made in the systemic treatment, and primarily in the application of immunotherapy, the article contains a detailed explanation of this, mentioning the therapies that have already become standard and presenting the options that will be available in the future. Great progress has also been made in targeted treatments, especially in gastric cancer, here I present the treatments that already exist and those that will be introduced in the near future.

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