Combination of radiotherapy and immunotherapy

Hideghéty Katalin (1), (2), Brunner Szilvia (2), Szabó Zoltán Imre (2), Szabó Emília Rita (2), Polanek Róbert (2), Tőkés Tünde (2)
(1) Szegedi Tudományegyetem Onkoterápiás Klinika, Szeged
(2) ELI-HU Nonprofit Kft, Szeged

Increasing experimental and clinical evidences demonstrated the synergic effect between the rapidly implemented immunotherapy and advanced forms of focal radiotherapy, not only on the elimination of the irradiated lesion, but also on the enhancement the immune-mediated systemic anti-tumoral activity. It is essential for gaining the most benefi t from the combination of the two modalities to select the appropriate patients, to defi ne the irradiation parameters, such as radiation quality (ie. particle) dosage, (total dose, fraction number) size of the target volume, the use of other supportive and anti-tumor drugs. In this review, we provide an update for the daily oncological practice on the data accumulated up to now on the molecular basis and patomechanism of enhancing radio-immune effect and clinical results, and highlight the most important parameters, which may increase the abscopal effect of ionizing radiation, thereby increasing the effectiveness of immunotherapy. However, development of clinical guidelines for benefi cial integration of immunotherapy and radiotherapy could be expected after evaluation the result of currently ongoing numerous (> 100) clinical trials. If the preclinical results will be confi rmed clinically, it could lead to paradigm shift in the use of ionizing radiation.

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