Prevention and therapy of cervical cancer

Révész János, Bíró Mátyás
B. A. Z. Megyei Kórház és Egyetemi Oktató Kórház, Sugárterápiás és Klinikai Onkológiai Intézet

The global incidence of cervical cancer is ~530000, the death rate is ~270000 per year. These data shows, that cervical cancer is the fourth common malignancy in woman worldwide and the leading cancer related death in developing countries. HPV infection is the most important factor of carcinogenesis. Immunisation against HPV can prevent infection, and decrease the cancer incidence. In case of invasive cancer the therapeutic principles are surgery and radiotherapy. In case of high risk patients and/or locally advanced disease the adjuvant and neoadjuvant cytostatic treatment has limited evidences. The traditional cytotoxic therapy and the recent antiangiogenic therapy recommended for patients who have extrapelvic metastasis, residual tumor after primary radiotherapy or recidiv non curable tumor by radiotherapy or radical surgery.

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