The summary of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2023

Máhr Károly
Zala Vármegyei Szent Rafael Kórház, Onkológiai Osztály, Zalaegerszeg

Each year, breast cancer professionals eagerly await the latest results from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. There was also great interest in the symposium in December 2023. In addition to the primary results of the recently started studies, many people were also waiting for the latest data from the previously described clinical studies. Neoadjuvant combined treatment with a PD-1 inhibitor was also effective in hormone-positive Her2-negative breast cancer, increasing the pathological complete remission rate. The combination of abemaciclib and an aromatase inhibitor clinically significantly increased overall survival without statistical significance. Treatment with inavolisib significantly increased progression-free survival in hormone-positive, Her2-negative metastatic breast cancer with poor prognosis. The antibody-drug conjugate DatoDxd reduced progression even after preventive treatments in addition to manageable side effects. The tucatinib-T-DM1 combination also increased progression-free survival and response rate in metastatic patients with brain metastases.

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