Treatment of mesothelioma – an update

Moldvay Judit (1) , Hegedűs Balázs (2, 3), Kovács Ildikó (1), Döme Balázs (1, 2, 4)
– (1) Országos Korányi TBC és Pulmonológiai Intézet – Semmelweis Egyetem, Tumorbiológiai osztály
– (2) Bécsi Orvostudományi Egyetem, Mellkassebészeti Tanszék
– (3) Semmelweis Egyetem, II. Sz. Patológiai Intézet
– (4) Országos Onkológiai Intézet – Semmelweis Egyetem, Mellkassebészeti Klinika

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is an aggressive tumor arising from the mesothelial cells lining the pleura. It is an asbestos related disease with increasing incidence both in Europe and in Hungary. This often fatal disease is characterized by rapid progression, and unfortunately, treatment options are very limited to date. Thus every effort should be made to better understand the pathological and molecular biological characteristics of this disease in order to develop new treatment strategies. This summary revi- ews the treatment options available today as well as the new therapeutic approaches at the experimental and clinical investigation stage.

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