The benefits of vaccination in risk groups

Béres Zsuzsanna Katalin
Budai Oltóközpont, Budapest

As the average age increases, the prevention of infectious diseases is of paramount importance,  not just during a pandemic. In terms of volume and complications, pneumococcal and influenza infections are among the top 10 most common causes of death. Timely and properly applied vaccination is an effective weapon against both diseases. This fact is confirmed by several clinical trials. The advent of conjugate vaccination has been a milestone in the history of vaccination. It is important that affected groups are protected from the two seasonal infectious diseases as soon as possible. Always use the conjugate vaccine first to develop protection against pneumococcus, the polysaccharide vaccination, which only broadens the spectrum, is proposed in the second step and needs to be considered for at-risk groups. Influenza vaccination should be repeated annually. The two vaccines can be given at the same time, there is no need to keep the interval.

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