Endoscopic oncosurgery

Bánky Balázs, Fülöp András, Vass Tamás, Szijártó Attila
Sebészeti, Transzplantációs és Gasztroenterológiai Klinika, Semmelweis Egyetem, Budapest

Endoscopic oncosurgery represents a merge of two independent surgical fields, oncosurgery and minimally invasive surgery. Over the last three decades technological developements enabled laparoscopy to achieve equal precision and oncological quality to open surgery. This has been proven in a variety of surgical fields by now, however there are certain areas where laparoscopy requires further assessment in this regard. In this article we summarize oncological criteria of general surgery and present evidences of them in laparoscopic technique, mainly focusing on gastrointestinal surgical area. We provide available evidences as a basis of current minimally invasive oncosurgical indications. Finally we provide a brief outlook on developments of this field.

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