New aspects in cancer pain relief

Ruzsa Ágnes (1), Horváth Zsolt (2) – (1) Somogy Megyei Kaposi Mór Oktató Kórház, Onkológiai Centrum, Kaposvár,
(2) Debreceni Egyetem, Klinikai Központ, Onkológiai Intézet, Debrecen

Authors investigate the new advances in cancer pain relief among the long survival cancer patient, 25-30% of whom suffering from pain. The new molecular targets provide new druggable pain relief options. The changed strategy of pain-killing therapy enhance s the possibility for the long survival cancer patients to decrease problems of the side effects of opiod therapy. The lower doses of opioids in invasive theraputical techniques help patients to live in higher quality of life without the uncomfortable side effects of the drugs.

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