Thrombocytosis in patients with solid tumours

Végh Éva, Tokodi Zsófia
Dél-pesti Centrum Kórház, Országos Hematológiai és Infektológiai Intézet, Szent László Telephely, Onkológiai Osztályt

Increased platelet number may be primary (essential thrombocytosis) also secondary to many condition, including solid tumours. Several studies showing that thrombocytosis in variety of solid tumours is associated worse prognosis and shorter survival. The latest prospective cohort studies showed that patient with essential thrombocytosis more likely to develop solid tumours. The pathomechanism of the relationship of thrombocytosis and solid tumours not completely understood. The thrombocytosis should be taken into account in regard to anticancer therapy. Aspirin and LMWH widely used in solid tumours associated thrombocytosis, also different drugs using in the haematology practice (hydroxyurea, anagrelid, busulphan, pipobroman, ruxolitinib) can be given to solid tumour patients with thrombocytosis. Close cooperation between the oncologists and hematologists is essential in the proper management of the cancer patient having essential or secondary thrombocytosis.

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